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About us

What is iNTRO?

Nowadays, a major portion of our lives is lived through social media apps. They give us a platform to share our experiences as well as document our lives in a fun way. But, being on a social media app can often get overwhelming. There is so much to see, so many people interacting and so much going on.

We often wish there was a virtual filter to bring to us only the content we want to see. And that is exactly what iNTRO does. It is the coolest new social networking platform for everyone looking for an exclusive window into the world that captures their heart.

So, what exactly makes iNTRO so cool?

All of us have been on one or more social apps, because what better way there could be to find more stuff on things we love and want to know more about? But everyone we have ever talked to have complained about one thing that is common to all these sites. And that is the issue of irrelevant content.

Either due to the content organization algorithm of the site or sneaky black hat techniques of the users themselves, people are often bombarded with things they have no interest in.

But iNTRO puts a new spin in the whole connectivity business.

iNTRO connects people through each other when they have a common ground they can connect over. You can connect to nearby users of similar interests by simply using iNTRO’s ‘scan’ feature. You can also create chat groups to have unlimited chat with like minds and can even recommend people to one other in need using the ‘Push’ feature of the app.

 Now, isn’t it a completely new and refreshing way of using social media?

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