What makes
iNTRO so unique?

What are the features that make it the top choice for people when so many social media biggies already exist?

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Be a part of the experience of people with common interests from across the world as they post images, express themselves and do much more.


Now simply by scanning, connect with people near you who have similar interests.


Know two people who need each other? Push one to the other and help them connect easily.

Chat group

Know a lot of like-minded people? Just form a chat group with all of them and stay connected all the time.

Tired of the same old style of conventional social networking sites?

We are here to do one better! Introducing iNTRO, the ‘next generation’ of social networking. Now forget being on multiple sites for multiple reasons. We have punched it all together right here on iNTRO.

Become a part of the global community based on your interests, and connect and maintain a link with an individual or a group over shared interests.

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iNTRO is a free social media platform. We do not ask you to make any mandatory purchases for anything. We advise you to be careful with sharing private financial information with any third party on the site as we will not be responsible for frauds committed as a result of explicitly sharing bank, card or e-wallet details.

iNTRO is strictly a social networking digital platform, built with the intent of connecting people with shared interests. Users are expected to use it for the same only. You should read our Terms of Use carefully to make sure you understand what is allowed on iNTRO.

If you believe your account has been compromised, contact us immediately. We will lock your account, locate the source of the breach, eliminate it and restore your account if possible. In case the damage is too great, we might close your account and advise you to create a new one. Use a strong password and make sure to keep it confidential.

Also, try not to operate your iNTRO account from a public device. However, do not save your password or forget to log out in case you must use a foreign device to use iNTRO.

We follow all security guidelines and use the latest technology to ensure the full security of data. We update our security measures and policies as and when required.

You can connect with a person in the following ways.

  • You can connect with them by sending a request after seeing their post on your feed.
  • If you know a friend who is on the platform, you can connect directly.
  • You can scan in a social place to locate people with shared interests nearby.
  • You can connect with a person that a friend pushed to you or by asking a friend to push you to a person.

You can sign up on our website or through the Android or iOS app. Make sure the password is strong and unique.

Carry iNTRO with you wherever you go!

Now, download the iNTRO app for free from Google Play and App Store.

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